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(pronunciation: the-val)

Build the Right Connections, Build the Right Future.
I share ideas that help build connections with customers, within organizations and homes. I write about how these ideas apply to healthcare, leadership, technology, and business strategy.
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I’ve worked with and in consumer and enterprise technology companies, social enterprises, non-profits, etc. I live in California and am always looking for a great opportunity. Contact me to join your team as a consultant, adviser, co-founder, or employee. You can also find me on Twitter & Medium.

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About Me

I’ve worked inside of and with dozens of organizations to see where they succeed and what makes them come up short.
I am one of the 100 Global Leaders of Tomorrow as per the St. Gallen Symposium in Switzerland. I have an MBA from York University (Top 10 in the World outside the US as per Forbes) and a Bachelors from the Ivey Business School (Top ranked undergrad program in Canada).
My thought leadership work has been emailed more than 20,000 times and read by close to 1 million people. I’ve spoken across North America in front of audiences of up to 3,500 people.
I consult and work with a variety of non-profits as well. Along with my work for BAPS Charities, I work with NY Times Best Selling author Dr. Michael Greger’s organization NutritionFacts.org. I also advise startups in the IoT, med-tech, food, education, and logistics space.
I currently live in California, and am looking for my next big opportunity. Get in touch with me here for your needs. For the longer version, read here.

How to pronounce my name
Dhawal: the-vuhl
Tank: Tank


Dhawal is a true professional who approaches his work with enthusiasm and integrity. As a startup, we appreciated his flexibility and ability to do it all – from fresh big-picture ideas and strategy, to brass-tacks project management!Joe MahavuthivanijMythic MarketsRevolutionizing Investing for GeeksI rank Dhawal as one of the best advisors I have ever had. He has an art for finding and acquiring new pockets of customers in a way that produces tangible results. Dhawal is not only intelligent and strategic he has an extremely high degree of emotional intelligence. He undertakes challenges with a calmness and prudence that differentiates him from other advisors I have used. In addition to his strategic and tactical skills, he is quite gifted as seeing where leadership approaches may be interfering with the desired outcomes.Sharon KingStarfieldBusiness owner for 25+ yearsIf you need a smart, driven and easy to work with MBA who can help grow your business, look no further. His work was so impressive that I had to offer him options in my business to make sure he’s with me for the long haul! His ideas work practically for startups, as well as small and medium sized companies. I highly recommend working with him to grow your business.Lelian GirardTUIO PaymentsThe Leading Tuition Management Platform in North AmericaDhawal’s expertise and understanding of what it takes to succeed as an early-stage startup company was invaluable to our second product release. As a strategic thinker and hard-working marketing expert, he’s able to move seamlessly between strategic thinking and tactical execution. I suggest working with Tank if you need someone to identify gaps in your go-to-market strategy and help plan the long-term success of your content.Braven GreenelshThree GoodHe is one of the most diligent, patient and honest men I have met. It is my sincere pleasure to recommend him to anybody out there looking for RESULTS. I firmly believe that past experience is a strong reflection of what an individual has to offer, and my experience with Dhawal has convinced me that he is an invaluable team player, a dynamic and creative individual. I really look forward to working with you again. Keep up all your good work.Aditya GulliaGrace & StellaFeatured in Dragon’s Den (Shark Tank of Canada).

How May I Help You?Let’s talk further to see if there as an opportunity for me to help you with your business, or with your executive team to be more effective.Contact MeImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage[/cs_content_seo]