Towards A Heart Centered World

More than there, there is a disconnect between business & people. Leadership and staff. Parents from their kids. What we need is a Dharmic Lens again to remake our businesses, societies, & families. It is a millennia old way of viewing ourselves, the people around us, and a way to see, think and live in this world.

Each week, I send out 1 email for leaders, entrepreneurs, makers, artists, teachers, thinkers, and doers. It’s an inquiry into your own experiences to become a more balanced person.

I believe that brain food alone cannot nourish life. Let’s have a heart to heart.

Re-Imagining LinkedIn: For most of us, using LinkedIn is a chore. But what if we apply a different and new philosophy and remake this experience? In this essay, I reimagine LinkedIn from the ground up.

The Future of Work: This was the seminal essay that got me a free trip to Switzerland at the annual Symposium where political and business leaders meet and make decisions to shape society. This goes into the deep focus on character and spirituality needed in the task of leadership whether you are a salesperson, the leader of a team, organization, or nation.

The President and the Swami: This is a remarkable story of a world leader using profound teachings of a Swami to change the way he led a country, and who became the most respected and loved President for a billion people.

The Schoolteacher’s Lessons: An exploration of the hidden lessons we learn in school and why it shapes how we act in much of our lives.

The Principles of Organizational Breakthroughs:A Practical Guide for Leaders

These Principles are distilled down based on the best practices of the most effective executives, consultants, and leaders in the world. They are just as applicable to marketing, sales, operations, as they do to human problems. You will find the definitions here will guide your thinking No matter how complex, immediate, or aggravating the challenge, this proven set of Principles can be applied to solve it. They are tested in the real world not just by me but by the hundreds of professionals who have created massive breakthroughs in their organizations through it. Don’t let their simplicity fool you. If they seem like common sense, ask yourself: “have I applied this?”

The Simple Book of Marketing & Sales

This is a long yet immediately applicable guide for small businesses that want to grow their business in low cost and effective ways. It is 16,000+ words of pure actionable insight delivered in a structured way.

About Me

In case you’re wondering how to pronounce my name, here’s an audio:

By day, my primary work is in sales and marketing strategy. I’ve spent 6+ years doing sales and marketing in Fortune 500 companies as well as startups. I also consult with and advise startups to do the same. You can see a more professional breakdown of my work on LinkedIn.

In the rest of my time, I write about connection, culture, spirituality, and its application in personal lives, business and organizations.

Partial list of clients/employers include: Consolve, TUIO, FleetRover, Mythic Markets, eBound, Three Good, Starfield, NAKS, Merging Media, UPS, Bell, and more.

I’ve co-founded MEDEdX, a media company that creates bite-sized CME content for physicians. I’ve also founded a private community of 230+ Indian-American healthcare providers nationwide.

I consult and work with a variety of non-profits as well. Along with my work for BAPS Charities, I work with NY Times Best Selling author Dr. Michael Greger’s organization

I am always looking for a great opportunity. Contact me to join your team as a consultant, adviser, co-founder, or employee. You can reach me at dtank at dtank dot co (not .com!). You can also follow me on Twitter.

To learn more, you can read my story.

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