Big Questions

My writing is based on answering questions that interest me. Take a look below to see if any of these resonate with you to see if it’s worth following my work for updates.

1. How do we create a better society for all?

I am not asking “what” do we need to do to create a better society. I do not believe I have the answers after all. I am much more interested in the how. I believe that there are more voices than ever before. They are all incredibly confident in their position, and perhaps that is the issue. How do we search for the truth, build a position of good faith with other people, and take steps towards this better future.

2. How do I affect personal change?

I do not believe that a better society is possible if the individual (you and me) are left behind. After all, the purpose of creating a better society is to create conditions where you and I can thrive. Paradoxically, I believe we have to choose to thrive first before society as a whole can improve. Which leads me to the question: how do I change myself in the first place?

If I cannot exercise, eat well, be there for my family, or participate in my community, how can I ever expect myself to improve society? If you and I do not thrive, what benefit is it to create a better society? It isn’t of course.

I see this as a recurring problem in the world–too many people are more interested in changing the outside without changing the inside–themselves (and this includes me too!).

These first 2 questions are closely interlinked and they led me to write essays such as The Dharma of the Leader.

3. How do I build networks and create abundance for others?

The promise of social media, entertainment, and other shared experiences has always been to connect people together. However, I believe that the technology layer has outpaced the human layer here. That is because most modern entertainment dulls the quality of our relationships, while social media tends to highlight the differences.

In every case, our ability to learn about one another, and enrich one another has eroded. We are seeking to build brands, while forgetting to give value. This is tied to the first question that I am deeply interested in–if we are to create a better society/world for all, we need to go down again to this deeper layer of relationships and networks.

At Renno & Co, my primary work is to build relationships with clients and partners, but also to have deep relationships with all the lawyers inside the firm. I am bringing my professional context here along with my personal interest to answer this question.

4. How do we create better narratives for the future?

My generation faces a broken narrative about the future. The size of our problems seem far too large. Literature, film, music, and other cultural artifacts have given us a dystopian view of the world. This narrative has either numbed us, depressed us, made us indifferent, or made us give up altogether and escape into another reality.

For those of us who still wish to do something, it has instead made us seek & worship simplistic heroes and villains.

I believe this is a mistake. We now need better narratives of the future, of our humanity, and our planet, and I’d like to shape these stories.

I believe technology has an answer to all these questions. I work in the world of blockchain, NFTs, metaverses, and other technologies that bear much promise.

However, I also believe that we need a different cultural, mental, and indeed spiritual lens to answer these questions as well.

If these questions intrigue you, consider following my work as I explore answers to these questions in the form of essays.

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