An abridged collection of testimonials and endorsements of business owners and CEOs about what it is like to work with me

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I rank Dhawal as one of the best advisors I have ever had. He has an art for finding and acquiring new pockets of customers in a way that produces tangible results. Dhawal is not only intelligent and strategic he has an extremely high degree of emotional intelligence. He undertakes challenges with a calmness and prudence that differentiates him from other advisors I have used. In addition to his strategic and tactical skills, he is quite gifted as seeing where leadership approaches may be interfering with the desired outcomes.

Sharon King, CEO, Starfield
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If you need a smart, driven and easy to work with MBA who can help grow your business, look no further. His work was so impressive that I had to offer him options in my business to make sure he’s with me for the long haul! If you’re a business owner that wants real leverage to grow, you absolutely need a great marketing person. I believe Dhawal is that person. His ideas work practically for startups, as well as small and medium sized companies. I highly recommend working with him to grow your business. And no, I have not been compensated in any way to write this letter.

Lelian Girard, CEO & Founder, TUIO Payments
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He is one of the most diligent, patient and honest men I have met. It is my sincere pleasure to recommend him to anybody out there looking for RESULTS. I firmly believe that past experience is a strong reflection of what an individual has to offer, and my experience with Dhawal has convinced me that he is an invaluable team player, a dynamic and creative individual. I really look forward to working with you again. Keep up all your good work

Aditya Gullia, Serial Entrepreneur and CEO of Grace & Stella.
Also contender in Dragon’s Den (Shark Tank in Canada). See the episode here.

Dhawal is a true professional who approaches his work with enthusiasm and integrity. As a startup, we appreciated his flexibility and ability to do it all – from fresh big-picture ideas and strategy, to brass-tacks project management!

Joe Mahavuthivanij , CEO of Mythic Markets

Dhawal’s expertise and understanding of what it takes to succeed as an early-stage startup company was invaluable to our second product release. As a strategic thinker and hard-working marketing expert, he’s able to move seamlessly between strategic thinking and tactical execution. I suggest working with Tank if you need someone to identify gaps in your go-to-market strategy and help plan the longterm success of your content.

Braven Greenelsh, CEO, Three Good.

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