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How SMBs can embrace Stakeholder Capitalism

In this post, you will see why small & medium sized businesses need to engage in stakeholder capitalism and how to do it. When you pull back through the political drama of the World Economic Forum, there is one key point that the forum is advancing. It’s this: businesses need to exist for more than […]

How to Create Clarity in Any Situation

Cutting through the clutter of indecision is the most energizing feeling you can create for yourself everyday. I want to show you how to create this clarity on demand. If you’re leading the rudder of your life, or if you’re leading other people , feeling clear about what you’re doing and what you’re being is […]

A Practical Guide to AI Strategy in Healthcare

Most healthcare organizations want to use AI for operational efficiencies. This is missing the mark to think about deploying it strategically. No wonder senior management and other staff are often skeptical. I want to put forward a practical outline on how to think about healthcare innovation (including AI) strategically. Not just as “tech” to throw […]

How to Lead: Be Interested, not Interesting

Last week, we learned that great leaders are those that can create psychological safety within their teams. These teams outperform others where psychological safety is lacking no matter how talented, creative, educated, etc the individual team members are. We learned that it is important to create trust & respect in team members, and this in […]